Duqm Refinery


Load Out/In and Transportation of 9 LPG Storage Bullets.


Duqm, Oman

Load Detail

Dia 8m x 11m high x 72m long – 780 te each.

Scope of work

Project Management and Route survey.

Detail of Work

Creative has been asked to provided complete Project Management support on load out/Load in and transportation of 9 Bullets from Sohar, Oman to Duqm Refinery, Oman.

Total 9 bullets has been transported in three different shipments. Operation In Sohar and Duqm was carried out by RORO module.

First 3 Bullets were loaded on barge and transported from Sohar to Duqm port and then road transport from Duqm port to Duqm Refinery one by one. Distance from port to project site was 25.0 km.

Apart from Project Management, Creative has provided detailed route survey from Duqm port to Project site as well to carried out smooth and safe road transportation
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