Creative has experienced route survey personnel as well as dedicated engineering department is the perfect solution for a safety

Often, our oversize load and superload permit customers require us to take our expertise a step further and provide a route survey before we can fully execute their heavy haul permits. The route survey serves as the validation of a proposed route ensuring the safety of all involved while the load is being transported.

In the big transports, there are many activities that need to be considered before handling a heavy road transport, especially when dealing with a project on a turn-key basis from conceptual design through to positioning onto foundation including lifting and logistics operations.

The survey is performed by experienced personnel who literally check the whole route, step by step taking into account measurements and making a detailed list of all the eventual obstacles and items to be removed such as street lamps, road signs etc…, roads to be strengthened, any temporary road supports to be positioned during the passage of the convoy. The engineering department designs the method of transport according to the job specific parameters. It prepares the technical specifications for the procurement and the construction of the equipment such as specific saddles, supports, beams…etc. that will be used during the transport operations as well as cad drawings, and safety-oriented documents such as method statements and risk assessments.

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